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Verbascum chaixii Wedding Candles

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Verbascum chaixii Wedding Candles
This is one of the few truly perennial species of mullein. Pale yellow blossoms, with purple filaments bloom profusely on long flower stalks in mid- and late summer, reaching about 90cm high. Individual flowers are short-lived but numerous, and flowering takes place over a long time. Verbascum chaixii's glossy, dark green rosettes are semi-evergreen. This European native can be found on dry, stony hillsides and open woodlands, but plants are well-adapted to cottage, gravel, and rock gardens, or naturalised areas. Unlike the type species, ‘Wedding Candles’  has basal rosettes of textured, ovate, grey-green leaves. Masses of white flowers with attractive violet filaments are held on candelabra like branches. Flowers in late spring and will repeat flower throughout the summer with deadheading. Height up to 100cm.
Cultivation Notes
Deadheading the spent large stalks insures re-flowering, but it's a good idea to let some of it go to seed so that even when the parent has reached the end of its biennial life, there'll be new ones appearing for the future. On the other hand, if it has become troublesome in its self-seeding, the flower stalks should be deadheaded more vigorously before the last of the flowers on the stalk are finished, but before the green fruits have browned into ripened seeds. Grow in alkaline, well-drained soil in full sun
Pruning \ Aftercare : Remove faded flower stems
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