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Typhonium venosum - Voodoo Lily

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Typhonium venosum, the Voodoo Lily, previously known as Sauromatum venosum among numerous other synonyms over the years,is a rare example of a plant better recalled from its common name. This tropical looking aroid is one of the hardiest of all the exotic aroids and will thrive in most gardens in a warm sunny spot. As well as having an amazing flower it has extravagant exotic foliage, which follows the sun as it moves from east to west during the day. Until the plant reaches flowering maturity it will produce only the foliage which like the Arisaemas, is late up in the spring,often not until early summer. When the flowers are ready to show, they emerge from the ground in spring.

A large clump of these is particularly effective.An easy and highly rewarding hardy aroid.

Young plants are supplied in 9cm Pots and are not flowering age.


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