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Summer is on its way… we hope!

The weather of late hasn’t exactly been promising. The heat wave Summer that had been reported in April is yet to materialise. Having said that the garden is now growing in leaps and bounds, obviously appreciating the warm wet weather – every time I look at the grass it seems to have grown a few more inches!

With Summer around the corner, here are our top tips for your garden…

· Keep mowing the lawn on a weekly basis but don’t cut it too low as when the weather warms up you don’t want the grass to scorch

· Beware of those frosts! Keep your delicate plants under wrap at night for just a few more weeks

· As well as plants growing you’ll no doubt have noticed the weeds! Hoe borders to get rid of smaller weeds before they take over

· Untidy and dead branches on shrubs should be cut back, making way for new shoots and buds

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