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Selinum cryptotaenium

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Selinum cryptotaenium
  • Selinum cryptotaenium
  • Selinum cryptotaenium
  • Selinum cryptotaenium

Selinum crytotaenium is a very pretty new introduction of Selinum, not dissimilar from Selinum wallichianum, but having paler lime green filigree foliage and a shorter flowering height to just 70-90cm. The wide white umbels of flowers appear in late July on stout stems, and month or so earlier than Selinum wallichianum. It was introduced by Tom Mitchell from Fansipan in Northern Vietnam in 2011.


South, east or west facing aspect, exposed or sheltered. Grow in moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Soil can be acid, alkaline or neutral, sand, loam, chalk or clay.

It thrives in light stony soil, but in seems equally happy on heavy clay. It appreciates a humus-rich mulch of home-made compost but needs no other attention. Staking is rarely necessary even in an exposed site


Pruning \Aftercare : Remove faded flowers, clear away dead foliage in winter.