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Red | Flame

Aquilegia atrataAquilegia atrata is a species with lovely rich red-purple flowers, so dark it's almost black, an absolute gem. Flowering from May to June the flower…
Aquilegia 'Red Hobbit'‘Red Hobbit' is a compact version of the popular Aquilegia ‘Crimson Star'. This is a low-growing, bushy, clump-forming columbine that typically rises to only 30-40cm tall when in flower. Large, up facing, long-spurred, two-tone flowers with star-like, creamy white corollas and with crimson red sepals and spurs. Bushy yellow stamens add a third colour. It flowers in late spring. The almost fern-like, basal green foliage with a bluish tinge is somewhat suggestive of Thalictrum.
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Bergenia 'Bartok'Bergenia 'Bartok' has upright foliage of the most superb red, particularly the backs of the leaves which are also a lovely rounded shape which is…
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Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Saracen'Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Saracen' has a clump forming habit with narrow, sword like, lance shaped leaves of a bronze colour. Mid summer through…
Cyrtanthus elatus (Vallota speciosa) Scarborough LilyCyrtanthus elatus (Vallota speciosa) Scarborough Lily is a fabulous lily from South Africa. A clump forming type with lovely dark green foliage…
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Dianthus cruentusDianthus cruentus is a stunning ‘Sweet William' perennial species native to Turkey and the Balkan Peninsula, where it grows best in soils that are dry to moderately moist. Dianthus cruentus has simple grass like leaves. The leaves are arranged alternately along the stems. They are lanceolate with entire margins and grey-green in colour. The flowers are many-petaled and red in colour, an unusual colour in Dianthus species. The plants bloom from June to July. The perennials grow to a height of approximately 70cm. This species was shown and won great admiration at Chelsea Flower Show in 2011 within the Cleve West designed Daily Telegraph Garden which went on to win Best in Show.
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