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Plants to plant in small gardens

£ 24.99(£ 24.99)
Aquilegia (Columbine) Collection - 6 plants
6 plants (9cm), 1 of each - Aquilegia Rose Queen, Aquilegia Red Hobbit, Aquilegia Nora Barlow, Aquilegia Yellow Queen, Aquilegia Ruby Port, Aquilegia caerulea Blue Star. **
An unbelievable collection of some of the best Columbine varieties, to brighten up even the most troublesome of gardens. All Aquilegias have wonderful foliage that emerges early in the year, creating mounds of bright green. When you see their foliage appear in the garden, spring is just around the corner!

**Some varieties may vary from those described according to availability at time of order, but will be of equal or greater value and will all be named varieties, and chosen to provide a range of colour.
£ 4.25(£ 4.25)
Geum 'Hannay's' (Double)

Geum 'Hannay's' (Double) is a compact perennial forming a neat mound of dark green foliage,with coppery-orange double flowers in early and mid-summer. It flowers best in full sun and will cope with dry soil.


£ 3.99(£ 3.99)
Geum x Borisii

Geum x borisii is a low-growing herbaceous perennial producing bright orange flowers in summer, held on slender stems above neat, rounded foliage. Found naturally in open woodland, it will grow happily in light dappled shade as well as in sunny spots. It dislikes poorly drained or waterlogged soils.


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£ 6.49(£ 6.49)
Ledebouria 'Gary Hammer'

Ledebouria 'Gary Hammer' is a beautiful variety of a South African Ledebouria bulb species that was at first thought to be a form of Ledebouria stenophylla, a relative of Scilla and introduced by the late Californian plantsman, Gary Hammer. Ledebouria 'Gary Hammer', despite its provenance has proven to be a reliable perennial even through our wettest and coldest winters.

£ 6.99(£ 6.99)
Paeonia delavayi ‘Mrs Sarson Hybrids’

Paeonia delavayi ‘Mrs Sarson Hybrids’ are a quite remarkable selection of tree peony hybrids grown by us over many years. The foliage is stunning and in most is finely cut with a reddish metallic sheen. Flower colour is wide ranging but mostly red to dark red and purple – some being almost black......

£ 4.49(£ 4.49)
Polystichum setiferum proliferumThe beautiful ‘Soft Shield Fern’ with its very fine lace foliage it was a favourite in Victorian times. The distinctive shaggy, moss texture and neat habit of growth sets this variety of soft shield fern apart. Young plants have a shuttlecock shape but, as clumps build up, the shapes overlap so the impression is more of a mossy mound. This is a superb textural plant that contrasts well with glossy, hardy ferns such as Asplenium scolopendrium, and other striking shapes such as Solomon's seal and Hostas. Plants are surprisingly drought-tolerant, although they dislike direct sun.
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