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Plants for Fragrance

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Dianthus Whatfield GemThis Whetman Pink is a hardy scented perennial with rich ruby blossoms dusted with white speckles and soft pink undersides borne over grey green foliage. It has lovely sweet scent, ideal for pots and borders.
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Jasminum officinale Fiona Sunrise

Jasminum officinale Fiona Sunrise, the Sunshine Jasmine flowers from May through to September with its heavenly scented white flowers. The yellow foliage starts in the spring with new growth tinged with red, summer brings the flowers and bright lush yellow foliage turning in autumn to the most glorious gold colour which lasts well into winter if mild weather permits. An excellent plant for growing on fences, arches and trellises. Grow in full sun or part shade in any good garden soil. Height and spread in 10 years 3m x 3m.

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Lilium formosanum 'Ivory Trumpet'

Lilium formosanum 'Ivory Trumpet' is a Lily variety which grows 30-45 cm tall and is more reliably hardy than the species. The large trumpet shaped flowers are richly coloured in purple/red on the back, pristine white within, and powerfully sweet scented.

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Mentha requienii (Corsican Mint)
Mentha requienii, commonly called Corsican mint or creeping mint, is a delightful miniature mat-forming herb that typically grows to only 2.5cm tall but spreads by thread-like stems which creep along the ground rooting as they go to 30cm or more to form a dense flat diminutive and highly aromatic ground cover.
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Parthenocissus himalayana rubrifoliaParthenocissus himalayana var rubrifolia is a self clinging, moderate to vigorous, self supporting climber which will grow to 10m given suitable support. The very attractive reddish purple leaves turn a rich crimson in the autumn and the small fragrant flowers in summer are a haven for bees, and are followed by attractive bright blue berries. Parthenocissus himalayana rubrifolia needs full sun and a warm, sunny position.
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Phlox divaricata ChattahoocheePhlox divaricata Chattahoochee is a low- growing, bushy, semi- evergreen perennial. Purplish stems with lance shaped leaves and covered with very fragrant, blue flowers with a