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Pimpinella major Rosea

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Pimpinella major Rosea
  • Pimpinella major Rosea
  • Pimpinella major Rosea
  • Pimpinella major Rosea

Pimpinella major
Rosea, commonly called greater burnet or greater burnet saxifrage, is a clump-forming perennial that somewhat resembles Anthriscus sylvestris or Queen Anne’s lace with its umbels of flowers and lacy foliage, but in this plant the flowers are pink.It typically grows up to 90cm tall and to 60cm or so wide. The tiny flowers arranged in flat topped umbels appear in summer. Pinnately compound, basal leaves each with 3-9 ovate to lanceolate toothed leaflets, are medium green.

Another delightful umbellifer, ideal for wild planting, or in more formal perennial borders, and just so easy.

Pruning \ Aftercare : Remove faded flowers, clear away dead foliage in winter.