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Photinia beauverdiana var. notabilis

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Photinia beauverdiana var. notabilis is a superb rare small to medium sized deciduous tree remarkable for its profuse umbels of hawthorn like flowers which smother the layered branches in spring and are adored by bees.  In autumn this tree once again comes to the fore with a spectacular display of yellow fruit which turns through shades of orange and red and remains on the leafless branches well into the winter, providing valuable food for birds and small mammals. The trunk and bark for Photinia beauvardiana var. notabilis are also of merit, attracting as it does an orange lichen which makes an attractive extra feature.

This tree belongs to the group of Photinia species that are deciduous and botanists have more recently separated these into the genus Pourthiaea = Pourthiaea beauverdiana var. notabilis.