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Buy perennial plants from on-line mail order. For gardeners and plant collectors looking for the best and rarest perennial plants. We provide you with perennials that will enable you to make your garden unique.

A perennial plant or simply perennial (Latin per, "through", annus, "year") is a plant that lives for more than two years. The term is often used to differentiate a plant from shorter lived annuals and biennials. The term is sometimes misused by commercial gardeners or horticulturalists to describe only herbaceous perennials, and we are no exception. More correctly, woody plants like shrubs and trees are also perennials.

 Perennials, especially small flowering plants, grow and bloom over the spring and summer and then die back every autumn and winter, then return in the spring from their root-stock rather than seeding themselves as an annual plant does. These are known as herbaceous perennials. However, depending on the rigors of local climate, a plant that is a perennial in its native habitat, or in a milder garden, may be treated by a gardener as an annual and planted out every year, from seed, from cuttings or from divisions.

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Achillea sibirica 'Love Parade'Achillea sibirica 'Love Parade' is unusual but highly ornamental perennial with unique bright green, leathery foliage composed of narrow, lance-shaped, saw-edged and rather fern-like leaves is quite unlike many others in the genus. It bears from June to September flat-topped flower heads clustered with numerous large and lovely soft pink flowers with pale yellow stamens.  One of the best plants for poor dry soils.
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Aconitum hemsleyanum – Climbing Monkshood

Aconitumhemsleyanum is a very unusual deciduous, herbaceous perennial with a climbing habit. It has attractive glossy dark green maple like leaves, deeply lobed with up to 7 segments and up to 12cm deep and 13cm across. Its stems are twining which enables this plant to climb. Its dark violet/ blue flowers are hood shaped, up to 2cm tall and suddenly appear in clusters of up to 12 during late summer and autumn.

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Actaea pachypoda 'Silver Leaf'Actaea pachypoda ‘Silver Leaf’ is a long lived herbaceous perennial plant growing to 50cm or more tall. It has very attractive silvery blue toothed, bipinnate compound leaves up to 40cm long and 30cm broad. The plant develops greater beauty year on year as the clump gets larger.
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Agapanthus Headbourne HybridsAgapanthus Headbourne Hybrids is commonly known as African lily. An old strain that has been grown for many years due to being reliably hardy and it's ability to flower annually. This plant is a clump forming…
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Agastache 'Black Adder'

Agastache 'Black Adder' is an upright,clump-forming giant hyssop that grows up to 90cm in height. A long lived and hardy perennial, it is a hybrid resulting from a cross between Agastache rugosum and Agastache foeniculum. It is noted for its long summer until first frost floral display of tubular, 2-lipped, deep smoky violet flowers that bloom in showy bottle-brush terminal spikes. Flowers appearing many-flowered whorls which are densely packed to form the flower spikes,from nearly black buds. The aromatic anise/licorice scented, lance-shaped to ovate leaves are blue green. Flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies and yet this plant defies rabbits, deer, slugs and virtually all sucking pests.

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Ajuga reptans 'Catlins Giant'Ajuga reptans 'Catlins Giant' is an attractive semi evergreen perennial that forms a mat of large, glossy purple brown leaves.the flowers are erect spikes of blue up to 30cm high…
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