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Penstemon Rich Ruby

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Penstemon Rich Ruby
Penstemon ‘Rich Ruby’ is a fully hardy, perennial, semi-evergreen plant with deep red flowers in mid summer, early autumn and late summer. It grows well in direct sun, and prefers medium levels of water. The flowers are tube shaped. This is an erect plant and has a clump forming growth habit, and has an ultimate height of 90cm and spread of 50cm. It can take 2-3 years to reach its ultimate height.
Penstemons are one of the most valuable late summer-flowering perennials and, in all but the coldest regions, are easy and reliable. They will produce these lovely flowers from mid-summer right through to the first frosts of November if you regularly remove spent flower spikes as they start to fade. The more often you cut, the more flowers they will produce.

Cultivation Notes
Watering of well-established plants in medium to heavy soils should be seldom needed, but plants growing in light, free-draining soils might need watering every two weeks in dry spells. Deadheading to remove spent flowering spikes helps promote a long season of flowering. Penstemons should be pruned annually - once the hard, winter weather is over, usually in late April or early May - to prevent them becoming woody and leggy. The old stems will then provide valuable frost protection for the new shoots. In spring, when new shoots appear at the base, remove the old flower spikes and any suitable material can be used as cuttings. In autumn, limit wind damage and tidy up borders by cutting back by about a third, being sure to leave enough foliage to provide winter protection

UsesMixed border planting or plant in containers
Pruning Aftercare : Remove dying flowers to promote repeat flowering