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Nepeta curviflora – Syrian Catmint

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Nepeta curviflora – Syrian Catmint
  • Nepeta curviflora – Syrian Catmint
  • Nepeta curviflora – Syrian Catmint

Why this beauty has not been in common cultivation in the UK is a complete mystery.It is in some cases being sold erroneously as Nepeta italica, but there is no mistaking them. Nepeta curviflora has spires of violet blue flowers and Nepeta italica is mostly white flowered.

Nepeta curviflora makes a well mannered clump of fine silvery foliage from which in summer the stiff spikes of violet blue flowers ascend. Like most Catmints it is very happy on poor soil in full sun with little moisture, and despite it native origins in the Middle East, it seems very hardy and happy here in the UK, so long as the soil is not waterlogged. On warm days the whole plant hums under the weight of pollinating insects.

The genus Nepeta is named for the ancient Etruscan city of Nepete (now Nepi) and the species curviflora refers to the curved shape of the individual flowers.