Hardy Perennials for Late Summer Flowering
All varieties just 4.49 each.
The Cool Collection of Blues and Violets
Aster Little Carlow Aster pyrenaeus Lutetia Aster frikartii Monch
Calamintha Blue Cloud Salvia uliginosa Verbena bonariensis
Colder Collection of Whites
Anemone Andrea Atkinson Selinum wallichianum Leucanthemum TC Killin
Leucanthemum Aglaia Gaura Karalee White Anemone Whirlwind
The Warm Collection of Yellow and Apricot
Crocosmia Gerbe d'Or Rudbeckia fulgida deamii Anthemis Mrs EC Buxton
Euryops pectinatus Sonnenschein Eucomis bicolor Rudbeckia fulgida speciosa
The Hot Collection of Orange and Red
Helenium Indian Summer Circium rivulare Atropurpureum Crocosmia Emily McKenzie
Liatris spicata Kobold Coreopsis Rum Punch Cosmos Chocamocha
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Aster Little Carlow Agastache Black Adder
Aster frikartii Monch Anemone Andrea Atkinson
Aster pyrenaeus Lutetia Anemone Whirlwind
Calamintha Blue Cloud Anthemis EC Buxton
Circium rivulare Atropurpureum Helenium Indian Summer
Coreopsis Rum Punch Leucanthemum Aglaia
Cosmos Chocamocha Leucanthemum TC Killin
Crocosmia Emily McKenzie Liatris spicata Kobold
Crocosmia Gerb d'Or Rudbeckia Deamii
Eucomis bicolor Rudbeckia Speciosa
Euryops pectinatus Salvia uliginosa
Gaura Karalee White Selinum wallichianum
Gaura Rosyjane Verbena bonariensis
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