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Humble Umbels - White, Cream and Green - 6 Plant Collection

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Humble Umbels - the White, Cream and Green Collection

Our umbellicious 6 plant collection includes, Myrrhis odorata, Eryngium variifolium, Eryngium eburneum, Ligusticum lucidum, Seseli libanotis, and Cenolophium denudatum. Plants supplied in 9cm pots. Plant varieties may vary according to season and availability.

Umbels or Umbellifers is the word horticulturalists use to describe plants that are mainly in the umbelliferae family (now Apiaceae ) with flowers that are composed of hundreds of individual florets held in flattened cloud-like discs. Their intricate structures always reward closer inspection. Insects like them too and they are some of the best flowers for attracting hoverflies, bees and other insect allies in the summer and late summer and autumn garden.

Apiaceae, the carrot family, is a huge family of annual, biennial and perennial plants with a global distribution, Apiaceae is characterised by its distinctive inflorescence - the umbel, which gave the family its former name of Umbelliferae. From familiar foods, such as carrot and parsnip, to the striking architecture of the ornamental Eryngium and Bupleurum, to toxic and invasive weeds like Giant Hogweed, the family is rich in variety and uses.

Our collections of Umbels includes some of the most attractive and yet easy to grow varieties for general planting in the garden.