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Angelica archangelica

From the 10th century on, Angelica officinalis was cultivated as a vegetable and medicinal plant, nowadays it is much more likely to be grown as an ornamental in the perennial border or wildlife garden or meadow. Now known as Angelica archangelica, and commonly known as garden angelica, wild celery, and Norwegian angelica, is a biennial plant from the Apiaceae or Umbellifer family, a subspecies of which is cultivated for its sweetly scented edible stems and root......

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Calamagrostis emodensisCalamagrostis emodensis is a medium-growing, clump-forming ornamental grass, with feathery flower-heads that generally stand well over winter, making it a sought after garden plant. This is an upright clump forming grass with striking pendulous flower spikes in late summer. In contrast to other Calamagrostis the flowers of this variety tend to be weeping in habit and from a distance appear to be almost white. Grows to 90cm, in sun or part shade. This species is native to Pakistan.
Carex dipsacea Dark Horse

Carex dipsacea Dark Horse is an evergreen ornamental grass. A very attractive species with foliage colour in many shades of green and olive. During the Summer produces semi trailing black beetle like flower/seed heads.

Grows in sun or part shade does not like severely dry soil. Carex dipsacea Dark Horse grows up to 50cm high and with a spread slightly greater.

Carex grayiCarex grayi, known as Mace or Morning star sedge. Clump forming. Bright evergreen leaves. Mace-like spiky globular flowers. Moist woodland. Height 1m.
Carex trifida 'Rekohu Sunrise'Carex trifida 'Rekohu Sunrise' is a very pretty bold evergreen with all year round interest. Foliage is creamy yellow edged with blue and green…
Dianella tasmanica Tas RedDianella tasmanica Tas Red is a tough clump forming plant with evergreen, strap like green leaves, tinged red in winter. The flowers are blue, producing interesting glossy blue berries in the spring. A tough plant which will…