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Eryngium - The 6 plant Eryngo Sea Holly Collection

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Our Plantsman's 6 plant collection includes, Eryngium 'Physic Purple', Eryngium eburnium, Eryngium bourgatii Picos Amethyst, Eryngium 'Fromefield Rapier', Eryngium giganteum (Miss Willmott's Ghost), and Eryngium variifolium. Plants supplied in 9cm pots. Contents mat vary according to season or availability.

Eryngium, or Sea Holly are some of the most desirable of ornamental perennial plants. Some of the species like bourgatii are colourful with their spiky blue bracts, whilst others are more architectural and statuesque such as eburnium and agavifolium. All have remarkable foliage, regardless of their flower colour. Our collection tries to give you a small taste of all these assets and the numerous species and hybrids now available.

There are about 220 species and their generic name derives from the Greek for sea holly - eryngion. Despite their thistle-like appearance they are Umbellifers - members of the carrot family. Each individual floret is rich in nectar so the prickly flowers are very popular with bees.