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Dianthus Whatfield Gem

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Dianthus 'Whatfield Gem' - This Whetman Pink is a beautiful hardy scented perennial with rich ruby blossoms dusted with white speckles and soft pink undersides borne over grey green foliage. It has lovely sweet scent, ideal for pots and borders.

Enjoys: Well drained garden soil or a container of potting compost. In full sun.
Planting: Water pot, leave to drain. Prepare hole large enough to avoid damage to roots, dig in compost into the hole. Remove container, position plant just below final planting hole. Fill with soil mixture and firm in well.
Watering: Water sparingly but more frequently in hot weather.
Feeding: Feed fortnightly in flowering season with tomato fertilizer.
Aftercare: Once established deadhead regularly for a longer flowering season.