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Cotoneaster naoujanensis ‘Berried Treasure’

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Cotoneaster ‘Berried Treasure’ is a very showy semi-evergreen shrub which offers interest throughout the year. Its arching branches are clothed in leathery mild-green leaves, with downy undersides. Cotoneaster naoujanensis ‘Berried Treasure’ bears in summer small pink flowers appearing in abundance, putting on a colourful show and attracting honeybees galore. Then, in late autumn, the branches are weighed down with an abundance of bunches of small, orange-red berries, which the birds generally leave alone until they need them in the winter. It's very easy to grow, and it can be used to add colour to the shrub border - or to create an informal, ornamental hedge, or part thereof. A variety of Cotoneaster naoujanensis, first introduced from Yunnan by Alan Leslie and Chris Brickell in 1987.

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