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Cotoneaster glabratus

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Cotoneaster glabratus
  • Cotoneaster glabratus
  • Cotoneaster glabratus
  • Cotoneaster glabratus

Cotoneaster glabratus must rank as one of the best of all evergreen shrubs. The glossy deep green leaves backed silver are broadly willow-like on long arching stems. The flowers appear in June and July in broad corymbs and are always well visited by all manner of pollinating insects, including honey bees. The fruit is held in abundance in big bunches and ripens in late autumn, each berry unusually small for a Cotoneaster, but bright orange red and very shiny. It is one of a group of species that hold onto their fruit well into the winter, very often until early spring. A valuable food plant, not just for bees, but also for winter forage for the birds.

A very easy plant to grow as a standalone freestanding specimen shrub or trained against a fence or wall and can even become in time a small tree. It makes a fantastic hedge. This shrub grows generally wider than tall and left untrained can reach a height up to 4m.

One of a number of gem plants introduced by Ernest Henry Wilson from China. Our plants are from a reintroduction by Roy Lancaster and Keith Rushforth.