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Calamagrostis brachytricha (AGM)

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Calamagrostis brachytricha (AGM)
A fantastic ornamental grass species, Calamagrostis brachytricha reaches about 120cm tall and bears tight, conical, silvery-grey plumes in late summer with a red tinge that sparkle in the early morning and gradually turn silvery as autumn draws to a close. As the summer season ends, there are still many highlights to enjoy in the garden, such as ornamental grasses which provide great texture, movement and colour at this time of year.

The word "Calamagrostis" is derived from the Greek word kalamos (reed) and agrostis (a kind of grass). They are referred to generally as Reed Grasses, with this one being the Korean Reed Grass specifically. Calamagrostis are robust rhizomatous perennial grasses, forming tufts of linear leaves, with erect stems bearing dense branching, flowering panicles in summer. There are about 270 species of these handsome reed-like grasses from northern and temperate regions. They are slow-growing, clump-forming grasses with feathery flower-heads that generally stand well over winter, making them sought-after garden plants. The flowers of
Calamagrostis brachytricha make a show in September and go on well into winter. They form shaggy looking pointed columns. A soft purple with reddish tones they become paler with time so that, by winter they are silver grey. The flower-heads stand well above the grassy stems, and form a striking feature with their soft-looking upright spikes. This plant likes sun or part shade, but will need some moisture in brighter sites. It grows well in a container and it looks beautiful at the border front as well. Cut it back at the end of winter. The plant stands around 1.2m (4ft) high.
Main Features
Type Ornamental Grass Hardiness Fully Hardy
Flower Colour White Size (H xW) 120 x 60cm
Flowering Season Summer Pot Size 9cm
Foliage Green Growth Rate Medium Growing
Foliage Type Deciduous Soil PH Any
Soil Type Well Drained AGM
Position Full Sun Habit Upright
Cultivation Notes
Easily grown in average, medium to wet soils, in full sun. Does well in heavy clay soils, unlike many other ornamental grasses. Soils should be kept moist and not allowed to dry out. Blooms in light shade, and appreciates some afternoon shade in hot summer climates. Cut clumps to the ground in late winter, just before the new shoots appear.
Pruning \ Aftercare : Cut plants back to the ground before new growth begins in the spring.
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