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Bupleurum longifolium ‘Bronze Beauty’

Bupleurum longifolium is found native from open woods and pastures of the mountains of Central Europe and is a fine and interesting, ornamental plant. A hardy perennial, it has long-stalked,spatula-shaped lower leaves and stem-clasping, heart-shaped upper leaves. In summer it bears long-stalked heads of flowers not dissimilar in arrangement to those of Astrantia to which it is related.

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Carex buchananii (AGM)Carex buchananii is a superb unusual evergreen ornamental grass plant, great for a mixed perennial border, for show-stopping block planting, or even as a feature plant in a container. It's extremely versatile, tolerating almost any soil, and aspect. Its narrow, triangular blades are bronze-red and flex gracefully in the breeze. It is disease and pest-resistant and being evergreen it is very low-maintenance. Upright habit to 70cm.
£ 4.49(£ 4.49)
Carex flagellifera 'Auburn Cascade'Carex flagellifera 'Auburn Cascade' a selection discovered and named on our nurseries. Colour and form are the best attributes for this New Zealand sedge. As a young plant, the bronze-red, fine-textured leaves are very attractive and as it matures, the upright leaves start to arch over to the ground. It is hard to believe that this ornamental grass, Carex flagellifera 'Auburn Cascade' is both hardy, evergreen and can be grown in full sun. When grown in shade, the leaves appear a more reddish-green colour. This sedge will quietly enhance any suitable landscape for many years with minimal care. The high arching clumps are very effective when planted quite close together.
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Carex testacea Prairie Fire

Carex testacea Prairie Fire is an evergreen perennial with a dense clump forming habit. Narrow arching leaves of olive green turning orange red in Autumn. During Summer produces spikes of brown flowers flushed red. Grows in moist soils in sun or partial shade. 0.5m high with spread of 0.5m.

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Leptinella 'Platt's Black'Leptinella 'Platt's Black' is a delightful ground covering perennial. Evergreen with finely-divided, purple-bronze and dark -green foliage which is…
£ 4.49(£ 4.49)
Luzula niveaLuzula nivea is an evergreen perennial with a mat forming habit. Pretty glossy green leaves are narrowly margined with cream. Panicles of brown…
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