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Borinda papyrifera

£ 10.99(£ 10.99)

Borinda papyrifera, sometimes referred to as the‘Blue Dragon Bamboo’is the bluest bamboo and of the Borindas generally, which were formerly mostly described under the genus Fargesia. It first came to the world’s attention in1995 when Chris Stapleton who was with Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, collected it from mount Zi Ben Shan where it was found growing in mixed conifer and broadleaf woodland. Keith Rushforth has also introduced this species and others from his field trips to China. The species is a tight clump forming bamboo with the individual culms upright and thick walled each to 5 cm diameter. The blue colour is from the silica bloom on the new stems which lasts for 2 years.

A very choice and unusual plant which is a fast performer in developing tall new culms very quickly once established. Can reach around 6 metres in height and has so far proved reliably hardy in the UK.

Young Plants supplied in 9cm Pots.