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Technically, Alpine plants are plants that grow in the alpine climate, which occurs at high elevation and above the tree line. Alpine plants grow together as a plant community in alpine tundra. Some gardeners are discouraged whenever they see the word 'alpine'. They think they'll have to build a special greenhouse in order to grow alpines or mix up barrow loads of special soil. But that is not always the case.

Here we use the word loosely to describe a range of low growing plants suitable for a wide range of environments for ground cover, rock gardens troughs and containers etc. It is true; some alpines are very fussy about where they grow. But many of the most colourful are easy to grow and need very little special treatment. While some alpines confine their burst of colour to spring, many provide foliage or flower colour all the year round.

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Zaluzianskya ovata

Zaluzianskya ovata is a lovely new highly scented plant, commonly referred to as Night Phlox. These plants come originally from the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa and seem to have reasonably good hardiness in the UK. They have dark green aromatic evergreen leaves and brilliant white flowers with red reverses from May until late summer, growing to a height of about 40cm. The flowers curl up in the middle of the day and come out at dusk, with an intoxicating scent at night! Zaluzianskya grow best in sun and in moist, rich well drained soil. Given sharp drainage and sheltered position they will most likely survive UK winters, but grow in pots and protect in colder parts. They look good in rock and alpine and raised gardens.