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Actaea pachypoda 'Silver Leaf'

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Actaea pachypoda ‘Silver Leaf’ is a long lived herbaceous perennial plant growing to 50cm or more tall. It has very attractive silvery blue toothed, bipinnate compound leaves up to 40cm long and 30cm broad. The plant develops greater beauty year on year as the clump gets larger.

The creamy fluffy white flowers are produced in spring in a dense raceme about10cm long. Its most striking feature, however, is its fruit, a 1cm diameter white berry, whose size, shape, and black stigma scar give the species its other common name, "doll's eyes". The pedicels thicken and become bright red as the berries develop, adding further attraction.

A very desirable perennial for a shady plane in the garden that does not become excessively dry. It associated well with Hosta, Rodgersia and hellebores.