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Peter Gregory 4 Sep 2020
    Placed my first order from you and was delighted with my order. Useful order updates, plants well packed, swift delivery and the plants were of excellent quality, and priced competitively.
Paul Carroll 22 Aug 2020
    Made my first order Midweek as I wanted a particular plant and had found it online at plants to Plant and was delighted to receive delivery this morning, three days later. The Information updates I received in the interim were both helpful and humorous. The plant itself arrived very well packaged to prevent damage and was healthy and in excellent condition. The whole service and the quality of the plant delivered were superb and infinitely better than have been experienced some other companies dealt with in the past and will definitely be using your site again.

Pollyanna Downing 4 Aug 2020
    Ordered a selection of plants on the 31st July 2020, arrived just a few days later on the 4th August 2020. Really impressed with the quality, speed of the delivery and packaging of the plants and how well they were labelled for identification. I will look forward to ordering more plants from you in the future.
Many thanks
Polly Downing
Graham Hewitt 25 Jul 2020
    Ordered yesterday arrived this morning! Also very well packaged and most importantly the plants are first class. Brilliant!
Sarah Melia 18 Jul 2020
    3 beautiful plants arrived this morning, I am really pleased with how healthy they are, they were packed enough So not to
Squash or break & they are all of a good, equal size. I am definitely going to return & will happily recommend anyone wanting plants. I found it helpful using plants to plant with being in Lockdown, my garden is so imperative for helping me get out of the house & help my mental health. Itís been hard getting hold of plants, stock is limited in my local area & Iíve also not wanted to stand outside queuing to get in garden centres with everything thatís been happening. Now Iíve found this website, I feel I can happily add to my gardens without worrying of theyíre going to be of a poor quality
Gail Rowlands 14 Jul 2020
    Made my first order at the weekend as I wanted a particular plant.Information updates were excellent and humorous. The plants arrived very well packaged in superb condition today.Will definitely use your site again. Thank you
Juliet Parish 25 Jun 2020
    Excellent quality plants arrived superbly packaged , will certainly use you again . Brillient 🌞🌞
Fiona Mackenzie 23 Jun 2020
    Plants arrived fresh, really carefully packaged and ready to go. Very happy.
NH B 10 Jun 2020
    Easy to order, received very quickly. 3 well packaged plants in good sized pots with full root system as oppose to lots of soil and a seedling. We'll established and a fair price. Thank you.