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Packing & Delivery

Do you send plants overseas?

Yes it is certainly possible for us to send plants overseas, as we have a full 'UK Plant Passport' for shipping plants but only to full EU Member States.  If you are not able to finalise an order and you are within the EU, please contact us as [email protected]

What is the pot size?

All of our plants are supplied in pots, unless specifically noted otherwise.  In most cases the pots are 3" or 9cm pots. 

How do I order?

All the items you see marked 'in stock' are available to buy online. Simply click on the item you wish to buy and click 'add to basket'. You can then adjust the quantity required, go back and add additional items to your basket or 'proceed to checkout', where you will need to enter the details of your credit or debit cards or Paypal account.

For further information about packing, delivery and payment go to our Delivery & Payment details page.

My order has not arrived, but is marked as despatched in my account

In the unlikely event that your goods do not arrive after they have been despatched from us, please inform us within 5 working days after the despatch e-mail has been received. We will re send your order, or issue you with a credit note if stock levels have fallen. The credit note will total the full value of the goods not received, including shipping. Please note that refunds will not be made for goods shipped and not received, only Credit notes will be issued- this is for your and our protection to reduce instances of consumer fraud.

How do you pack and despatch the plants?

Please read the following information carefully as it will help you with placing your orders with us.
We have spent a lot of time researching the best packaging in which to send your order, as we want you to be delighted with your plants when they arrive.

Our final choice of blister packs within cardboard boxes was made for a number of reasons. Firstly, they create a micro-climate for the plants, which helps to prevent them drying out in transit. The packs enclose each plant individually, which means that you don't open a box filled with compost! Finally, the plastic is environmentally friendly, being both recycled and recyclable!

Unfortunately these benefits do mean that the packaging is a little more expensive than some other types, but we hope that you feel that the extra cost is worth your plants arriving in good condition.

We charge all packaging at cost, and make no profit at all on this. The cost of packaging is included in the shipping charges below.

Pictures show boxes and blister packs.
Payment Methods
This payment option covers payments using your Debit and Credit Cards, via PayPal.
The easiest and most convenient way to pay. If you have a Paypal account which is free to join and free to use.
Delivery Courier Options

Delivery of plants is usually by special courier to most of mainland UK, using a special courier is not necessarily the cheapest form of delivery but we have found it is definitely the quickest and most reliable choice.

As delivery costs are quite high, and we don't want you to be deterred from ordering from us, we would like to offer you four options for delivery:

Delivery Option One: 2-3 days £6.50 (For up 2 plants)

Delivery Option Two: 2-3 days £6.00 (For greater than 3 plants)

Delivery Option Three: Signed For 2-3 days £8.00 (For greater than 3 plants)

Delivery Option: (FREE) 2-3 days £0 (For orders of £50 or more, UK mainland only)

We only dispatch plants on Mondays through to Thursday morning for standard deliveries, as we do not want your order to sit in a warehouse over the weekend. We may also delay sending plants, for their own well-being, if for instance the weather is very hot or cold, as we want them to arrive in optimum condition. Orders placed on Thursday PM onwards, may be dispatched the following Monday.

As with the packaging, we are making no profit on the delivery costs.
  • Minimum order is 1 plant plus postage and packing at 6.50.
    What do I do when the plants arrive?


    After they arrive..
    1. When your plants arrive, they are contained in plastic packs and enclosed in a cardboard box.

    2. As soon as possible after arrival, remove the packs from the cardboard box, take plants out of the plastic packs and place them in a well-lit and sheltered area out of doors, until you are ready to plant them. If the weather is inclement, try to place in a conservatory, glasshouse or porch.

    3. If the compost is a little dry, stand the pots in a tray in shallow water for up to 1 hour. If unable to water from beneath, spray water lightly over the plants with a watering can.

    4. Once the compost is moist, allow the pots to drain normally, do not leave them in the water for extended periods.

    5. There may be some loose compost or a slight yellowing of the leaves, which is a consequence of the plants being enclosed during dispatch. This will not affect the condition of the plants.

    Growing on

    1. Soak the plants 1-2 hours prior to potting or planting.

    2. Gently remove the garden ready plants from the pot by pushing up from the bottom using your thumb and squeezing the pot gently at the same time. If roots through the base of the pot are preventing easy removal, these can be cut away without harming the plant.

    3. Transfer the plants into larger pots or container trays, filled with good purpose multi-purpose compost if required, or plant out (see below).

    4. Water the plants very well once, and then do not water again until the compost is drying or the plants indicate that it is needed.

    5. Place the plants in a sheltered, well-lit area, but preferably out of direct sunlight initially.

    6. Apply a liquid feed after 2-3 weeks.

    Planting out

    1. Water plants 1-2 hours prior to planting out.

    2. Dig a hole approximately 3 times the size of the pot and break up the soil which has been removed, with a garden fork. Add some well rotted manure, leaf mould, garden compost or any proprietary multi-purpose compost and mix with the soil removed from the planting hole.

    3. Place plant in prepared hole, ensuring that the base of the plant is at ground level, then back fill with soil prepared as above, pressing soil firmly around root ball.

    4. Once planted, water the plants very well.

    5. To establish the growth of young plants, it is important that you water regularly, especially during dry sunny spells, at least until well established.

    6. If after planting out there is a risk of frost, and the plants are tender in nature, cover the plants at night with proprietary fleece or a suspended old sheet may suffice.

    7. Feed the plants as required during the growing season.

    Do you have a minimum order value?

    You can purchase as many or as few plants as you like, however there is an overall minimum order value, including postage and packaging of £12.00.

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