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What is the mission of PlantToPlant?

The enjoyment we all get from cultivating, nurturing and creating living green space cannot be easily explained, but it is well known that growing plants is therapeutic; indeed, many organisations offer the growing of plants and gardening as an alternative therapy. Probably the most important role of plants though is in the environment, and we all have to do our bit to protect it. Plants produce oxygenand absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during the process ofphotosynthesis. Put simply, the more plants we grow, the more we offset the damage we do to the environment by just being part of it.

Gardens have become, quite rightly, extensions of the home. The space you have is the room, and the plants are the wallpaper, paint and ornaments. We are like a DIY store, and supply the materials to decorate your extension.

We will endeavour to introduce you to some really interesting plants - some unusual, some less so - but they will be chosen because they are special and give us pleasure, and in turn we would like to share that pleasure with you. Because of our excellent horticultural background and depth of knowledge, we are confident that the plants we are supplying are also of top quality, and backed by a No Quibble Guarantee.

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