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What is PlantsToPlant? is a new way to bring plants direct from the grower, cutting out the middle man and offering you real choice. We are a collaboration working alongside Fromefield Nurseries Ltd in the production of an exciting range of young plants in 9cm pots unless otherwise stated - brought to you at fantastic prices, directly via mail order here on the website and also via our eBay and Facebook shops.

Unlike a garden centre we do not only sell varieties that look good in the pot at point of sale, but rather we bring you a selection of plants for all seasons, and colour for all spaces, large or small, so that you can really show off and have a garden that looks good not only in spring but throughout the year. Please note, however, that the plants will not immediately resemble those in the accompanying images. In fact, depending on the plant in question and the time of year purchased, your plant may not even have foliage. If your purchase is planted and cared for as recommended in our planting instructions however, it will in time flourish and grow to resemble the illustration.

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