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Sorbus gonggashanica

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Sorbus gonggashanica
  • Sorbus gonggashanica
  • Sorbus gonggashanica
  • Sorbus gonggashanica

Sorbus gonggashanica  is a superb small Chinese species, named after Gongga Shan, also known as Minya Konka, the highest peak in China other than Tibet. There are typically nine or ten pairs of leaflets on each leaf, deep green, turning fiery red in autumn.The fruit are white, contrasting well with the autumn foliage and remaining long after leaf fall. Introduced in1981 by Roy Lancaster.

"Raised from seed I collected from a small, multi-stemmed tree in the vicinity of Gongga shan (also known as Minya Konka), a mountain in W. Sichuan, China, in 1981. It has proved an excellent garden subject for acid to neutral soils in sun or half shade. My plant has achieved 10 ft. in 20 years on the dry, Bagshot Sands."

Roy Lancaster