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Agave montana

Native to the mountainous regions of Mexico, the mountain agave,Agave montana, is a beautiful and architectural plant, forming a huge solitary rosette of densely packed, spined, deep-green leaves with a white powdery patina. In the wild it is exposed to cool moist cloud and more of a temperate climate than other agaves and is therefore better suited to the British climate than some of its less hardy cousins, and has even been known to survive harsh British winters outside, without any protection.


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Agave parryi

Native to grasslands, chaparral, desert scrub, and oak woodlands in North American states of Arizona, New Mexico and northern Mexico - typically at elevations from 4,000 to 8,000 feet can be found, Agave parryi, often called Parry's agave or mescal. It is a most gorgeous rosette-forming perennial succulent that is noted for its attractive blue-grey to grey-green evergreen leaves, but is also noted for its infrequent but spectacular flowering spikes.


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Carex buchananii (AGM)Carex buchananii is a superb unusual evergreen ornamental grass plant, great for a mixed perennial border, for show-stopping block planting, or even as a feature plant in a container. It's extremely versatile, tolerating almost any soil, and aspect. Its narrow, triangular blades are bronze-red and flex gracefully in the breeze. It is disease and pest-resistant and being evergreen it is very low-maintenance. Upright habit to 70cm.
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Dianella tasmanica Tas RedDianella tasmanica Tas Red is a tough clump forming plant with evergreen, strap like green leaves, tinged red in winter. The flowers are blue, producing interesting glossy blue berries in the spring. A tough plant which will…
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Fascicularia bicolor – Hardy Bromeliad

Fascicularia bicolor is a bromeliad so most of its close relatives live as epiphytes in trees mostly in Central America. It forms clumps in the ground and flowers in the centre - electric blue and red and when you see it flower, you'll understand why it's also related to the Pineapple.


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Hosta fortunei 'Whirlwind'Hosta 'Whirlwind' is a medium size perennial with heart shaped, twisted, mixed white, yellowish-green leaves with deep green edges. Funnel shaped, lavender flowers bloom on straight, leafy 70cm stems in July. With a plant height of 60cm and a spread of up to 90cm, this Hosta provides bright colour in shade with its wonderful foliage. Hosta ‘Whirlwind' prefers to be planted in a shady area in any moist, well-drained area. This low care perennial is ideal for shady positions, tubs and patio pots.
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