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Plants to plant in poor dry soil

Achillea sibirica 'Love Parade'Achillea sibirica 'Love Parade' is unusual but highly ornamental perennial with unique bright green, leathery foliage composed of narrow, lance-shaped, saw-edged and rather fern-like leaves is quite unlike many others in the genus. It bears from June to September flat-topped flower heads clustered with numerous large and lovely soft pink flowers with pale yellow stamens.  One of the best plants for poor dry soils.
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Agastache 'Black Adder'

Agastache 'Black Adder' is an upright,clump-forming giant hyssop that grows up to 90cm in height. A long lived and hardy perennial, it is a hybrid resulting from a cross between Agastache rugosum and Agastache foeniculum. It is noted for its long summer until first frost floral display of tubular, 2-lipped, deep smoky violet flowers that bloom in showy bottle-brush terminal spikes. Flowers appearing many-flowered whorls which are densely packed to form the flower spikes,from nearly black buds. The aromatic anise/licorice scented, lance-shaped to ovate leaves are blue green. Flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies and yet this plant defies rabbits, deer, slugs and virtually all sucking pests.

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Agave montana

Native to the mountainous regions of Mexico, the mountain agave,Agave montana, is a beautiful and architectural plant, forming a huge solitary rosette of densely packed, spined, deep-green leaves with a white powdery patina. In the wild it is exposed to cool moist cloud and more of a temperate climate than other agaves and is therefore better suited to the British climate than some of its less hardy cousins, and has even been known to survive harsh British winters outside, without any protection.


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Agave parryi

Native to grasslands, chaparral, desert scrub, and oak woodlands in North American states of Arizona, New Mexico and northern Mexico - typically at elevations from 4,000 to 8,000 feet can be found, Agave parryi, often called Parry's agave or mescal. It is a most gorgeous rosette-forming perennial succulent that is noted for its attractive blue-grey to grey-green evergreen leaves, but is also noted for its infrequent but spectacular flowering spikes.


Carex flagellifera 'Auburn Cascade'Carex flagellifera 'Auburn Cascade' a selection discovered and named on our nurseries. Colour and form are the best attributes for this New Zealand sedge. As a young plant, the bronze-red, fine-textured leaves are very attractive and as it matures, the upright leaves start to arch over to the ground. It is hard to believe that this ornamental grass, Carex flagellifera 'Auburn Cascade' is both hardy, evergreen and can be grown in full sun. When grown in shade, the leaves appear a more reddish-green colour. This sedge will quietly enhance any suitable landscape for many years with minimal care. The high arching clumps are very effective when planted quite close together.
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Eryngium bourgatii 'Picos Amethyst'

Eryngium bourgatii Picos Amethyst is an oustanding new variety selected by Ronald McKenzie from seed collected from plants found growing in the Picos de Europa Mountains in Northern Spain. This variety has large violet blue flowers in a typical sea holly style. The showy parts of the flower of Eryngium bourgatii Picos Amethyst (Eryngo) are in fact foliar bracts and start appearing in early summer, opening a ghostly silver and turning blue during the summer and autumn. The blue colour infuses into the multi-flowered stems.Foliage is a very pretty, slightly spiny but variegated in appearance. Plants are hardy deciduous perennials growing to 60cm in favourable conditions, the whole plant having a silver and deep blue appearance by late summer. The true flowers of Eryngium bourgatii Picos Amethyst sea holly are adored by the bees and bumblebees.

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