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Plants to plant in moist shade

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Aquilegia vulgaris plena 'Ruby Port'

This lovely Aquilegia produces fabulous deep burgundy - brown red flowers , which will be the talking point of your neighbours. The dainty double flowers will come back to grace your garden year after year. Popular for its late spring and early summer burgundy flowers, 'Ruby Port' makes an effective contrast with white alliums and other aquilegias. It likes moist but free-draining soil in sun and partial shade where it will self-seed happily. Height up to 90cm.

Astrantia major ShaggyAstrantia major 'Shaggy' is an herbaceous perennial to 75cm, with deeply divided leaves and branched stems bearing compact heads of very showy greenish-white flowers surrounded by narrow, green-tipped white or pinkish bracteoles.  Sometimes also known as Astrantia major 'Margery Fish' and Astrantia major subsp. involucrata 'Margery Fish'.

Carex grayiCarex grayi, known as Mace or Morning star sedge. Clump forming. Bright evergreen leaves. Mace-like spiky globular flowers. Moist woodland. Height 1m.
Cyrtomium fortunei clivicolaOne of the ‘Holly Leaved Ferns’ which has a much broader leaved but symmetrical appearance and is evergreen with pale silvery green foliage. A beautiful fern with arching fronds composed of lance-shaped segments along the frond stems. Perfect for a shady spot in a border, container or rock garden.
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Dryopteris felix-mas Linearis PolydactylaA Jurassic tongue twister of a name, but this unusual form of our native ‘Male Fern’ has the most filigree fronds of just about any fern. Plants are clumping in habit, the fronds are long and arching but very delicate and skeletal in appearance, despite the large size. Well suited to use in any moist, shady situation. Also useful intubs or mixed containers, combining beautifully with bolder-leaved plants, such as Hostas or Hellebores. Deciduous in habit, remove old fronds in late autumn or spring.
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Euphorbia schillingiiEuphorbia schillingii ia a very robust perennial with erect leafy stems which bear narrow, deep green leaves with white mid ribs and broad bright yellow flowers that continue throughout the summer...