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Plants to plant in chalky soil

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Dianthus carthusianorumDianthus carthusianorum provides a splash of bright magenta from June until September, producing a succession of slender stems topped with a cluster of slightly fragrant flowers.
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Dianthus cruentusDianthus cruentus is a stunning ‘Sweet William' perennial species native to Turkey and the Balkan Peninsula, where it grows best in soils that are dry to moderately moist. Dianthus cruentus has simple grass like leaves. The leaves are arranged alternately along the stems. They are lanceolate with entire margins and grey-green in colour. The flowers are many-petaled and red in colour, an unusual colour in Dianthus species. The plants bloom from June to July. The perennials grow to a height of approximately 70cm. This species was shown and won great admiration at Chelsea Flower Show in 2011 within the Cleve West designed Daily Telegraph Garden which went on to win Best in Show.
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Dryopteris felix-mas Linearis PolydactylaA Jurassic tongue twister of a name, but this unusual form of our native ‘Male Fern’ has the most filigree fronds of just about any fern. Plants are clumping in habit, the fronds are long and arching but very delicate and skeletal in appearance, despite the large size. Well suited to use in any moist, shady situation. Also useful intubs or mixed containers, combining beautifully with bolder-leaved plants, such as Hostas or Hellebores. Deciduous in habit, remove old fronds in late autumn or spring.
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Verbascum chaixii Wedding Candles
Verbascum chaixii ‘Wedding Candles' has basal rosettes of textured, ovate, grey-green leaves. Masses of white flowers with attractive violet filaments are held on candelabra like branches. Flowers in late spring and will repeat flower throughout the summer with deadheading. Height up to 100cm.
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