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Plants to plant as hedges

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Cotoneaster franchetii

Cotoneaster franchetii is one of the best evergreen shrubs for all year round interest. An evergreen which will grow virtually anywhere as long as it is not boggy, it lends itself well to training as a wall shrub or topiary and is one of the best hedging plants money can buy.

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Cotoneaster huahongdongensis

Cotoneaster huahongdongensis is another superb species introduced by the late Harry Van de Laar of the Dutch Boskoop Research Station who did so much during his lifetime to beautify our gardens. Related to Cotoneaster sternianus, ........


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Cotoneaster hylmoei

Cotoneaster hylmoei was introduced by Ernest Wilson in 1907 from Hubei in China and is one of the loveliest species for general garden planting and yet remains uncommon of cultivation. In habit it is a moderate growing species with long arching branches carrying elegant broad ......


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Cotoneaster lacteus F10419

This is the true species which is very rare in cultivation. Mostly all plants sold as Cotoneaster lacteus are other species. These are propagated from the George Forest introduced clone F10419, the type for this species.

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Cotoneaster prostratus ‘Arnold-Forster’
Cotoneaster prostratus Arnold-Forster is quite possibly another microspecies; this variety has long been in cultivation, mostly erroneously as Cotoneaster buxifolius but never much more than in collections which is a shame since it is such a beautiful smaller low growing evergreen. It forms attractive low mounds up to 1m of dark grey green foliage and is smothered in June in quite striking blossom.....
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Cotoneaster rhytidophyllus

Cotoneaster rhytidophyllus is arguably the most beautiful of all the species, certainly the most distinctive. Originally introduced by Ernest Wilson in 1908 this species as originally introduced is possibly lost in cultivation........


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