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Plants to plant for ground cover

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Ajuga reptans 'Catlins Giant'Ajuga reptans 'Catlins Giant' is an attractive semi evergreen perennial that forms a mat of large, glossy purple brown leaves.the flowers are erect spikes of blue up to 30cm high…
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Bergenia Collection - 3 Top PlantsA collection of some of the best newer varieties - Bergenia Overture, Bach, Bartok..........
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Bergenia delavayi (Purpurescens)Bergenia delavayi (Purpurescens) is a valuable plant for its bold architectural foliage and colour. An evergreen perennial with leathery round leaves up to 30cm across. Easy to grow, in sun or partial…
Carex Ice DanceCarex Ice Dance is a variety that will grow in a variety of conditions, from nearly full sun to shade in average to moist soil. Unlike many other sedges, 'Ice Dance' is a slow to moderate spreader, that should be used as a groundcover or contained in pots. With its wide, strappy leaves, this Carex makes a bold statement in the garden. The leaves are dark green with bright white variegated edges. Small, cream, bottlebrush-like flowers are produced in mid-spring but are rather insignificant to the plant's overall ornamental value. 30cm in height. Spread dependent on taste!
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Corydalis flexuosa ‘Purple Leaf’Corydalis flexuosa ‘Purple Leaf’ (syn. Corydalis ‘Blue Dragon’) A delightful low growing hardy perennial species forming compact mounds of purple tinged ferny foliage, held aloft of which are charming spikes of scented deep blue flowers from spring into early summer. For moisture retentive soil in shade or half shade.

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Cotoneaster salicifolius 'Gnom'

Cotoneaster ‘Gnom’or C. salicifolius ‘Gnom’ is an invaluable creeping evergreen for both ground-cover and the edges of borders or can be allowed to cascade over walls or trained to climb them. This variety is of spreading habit with deep glossy green leathery foliage and small white tinged pink flowers which are followed by heavy crops of small bright red fruits in autumn - often persisting through winter....