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Achillea sibirica 'Love Parade'Achillea sibirica 'Love Parade' is unusual but highly ornamental perennial with unique bright green, leathery foliage composed of narrow, lance-shaped, saw-edged and rather fern-like leaves is quite unlike many others in the genus. It bears from June to September flat-topped flower heads clustered with numerous large and lovely soft pink flowers with pale yellow stamens.  One of the best plants for poor dry soils.
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Angelica sylvestris 'Vicar's Mead'Angelica sylvestris 'Vicar's Mead' is a lovely variety of the common herb. Rich, deep purple foliage and large pink tinged flowers which turn to…
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Nora Barlow' (AGM)'Nora Barlow' is an erect plant, with divided, dark blue-green leaves and nodding, spurless, double flowers 2-3cm in width, composed of many narrow, dull deep pink and pale green petals. This popular herbaceous perennial will tolerate any half decent soil. Growing in full sun and growing to around 80cm tall, cut back dead stems in autumn and don't be surprised if this plant self seeds. Ideal for informal cottage planting where it can seed and spread at will.
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Bergenia 'Bach'Bergenia 'Bach' is a very neat plant with lovely glossy red flushed foliage in the winter. In March - May the plant produces huge heads of pale…
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Bergenia delavayi (Purpurescens)Bergenia delavayi (Purpurescens) is a valuable plant for its bold architectural foliage and colour. An evergreen perennial with leathery round leaves up to 30cm across. Easy to grow, in sun or partial…
Bergenia 'Overture'Bergenia 'Overture' is a brilliant cultivar due to its ability to grow in most conditions even in difficult places such as dry shade under trees…