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Mentha requienii (Corsican Mint)

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Mentha requienii (Corsican Mint)
  • Mentha requienii (Corsican Mint)
  • Mentha requienii (Corsican Mint)
Mentha requienii, commonly called Corsican mint or creeping mint, is a delightful miniature mat-forming herb that typically grows to only 2.5cm tall but spreads by thread-like stems which creep along the ground rooting as they go to 30cm or more to form a dense flat diminutive and highly aromatic ground cover. Mentha requienii is particularly effective as aromatic filler growing around stepping stones where light foot traffic will release a pleasing mint/sage aroma. Leaves are evergreen in mild winter climates. This mint is native to the Islands of Corsica, Sardinia and parts of Italy. Tiny round green leaves have a strong menthol aroma when bruised, and are the source of the flavouring in Creme-de-Menthe. Minute lilac flowers form in the leaf axils in late summer but are so small they are often never seen.