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Eucomis bicolor (AGM)

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Eucomis bicolor (AGM)



Eucomis bicolor is commonly called 'Pineapple Lily' because the flowers resemble a pineapple. This species boasts maroon-speckled stems and green flowers with maroon margins.The flowers occur on thick, solitary stalks bearing bottle-brush-like wands of tightly-clung flowers, which are crowned by tufts of green bracts.As the common name implies, these unusual and magnificent inflorescences are reminiscent of pineapples. Plant them in sheltered sunny beds or against a warm wall to protect them against the worst weather. This species is perhaps the easiest and hardiest to grow, and always attracts attention when its curious and long-lasting flower spikes appear in July and August. It can also be very successfully grown as a handsome container plant for that exotic look on the patio.

For the purposes of definition, late summer flowering perennials may be described as plants that reliably produce flowers or that have as their main feature of interest (an architectural silhouette, or attractive seed heads for instance) which can positively contribute to the garden after midsummer's day on a year in year out basis.

There is little doubt that the climate is changing,for whatever reason, and that seasons are not as distinct. In Britain the autumn season is lengthening and often there is relatively frost free weather up until December. The majority of gardens in Britain look at their finest in the spring and early summer, leaving many gardens looking relatively lacklustre after June has passed. The use of these late summer flowering perennials in the garden should renew inspiration in the months of the year when the shadows are lengthening.