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Hellebore - Double Helleborus Collection 3 plants

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Hellebore - Double Helleborus Collection 3 plants
A collection of 3 plants brought to you by PlantsToPlant.

3 plants 1 each of Helleborus Double Pink Spot, Helleborus Double Yellow Spot, Helleborus Anemone Pink Spot
Of the common names used to describe hellebores, it is names like 'Orientalis' and 'Orientalis hybrids' that cause the most confusion. Helleborus orientalis is the botanical name for a species from which many hybrids are derived, but some hybrids have little or no actual H. orientalis heritage at all. We now refer to all such hybrids as 'Helleborus x hybridus' to avoid potential confusion. These are also referred to generally by the common name Lenten Rose, flowering as they do around the time of Lent. This is not however, a reliable guide, as not only is Lent a moveable feast, but through extensive breeding, many flower considerably earlier.

Recent breeding programmes have created double-flowered and anemone-centred semi –double flowered plants. Double hellebores provide a very interesting variation to the standard hellebore. They are generally as easy to maintain and share the same planting conditions as the standard hellebore.

Double Hellebores flower from February to April and feature leathery, deep green leaves. These attractive varieties are perfect as ground cover for areas of dappled shade under deciduous trees and shrubs, and are best planted near to where you pass frequently in winter and where they will not be overwhelmed by nearby plantings.. Like all hellebores, they prefer a good, neutral to alkaline soil.

Here we offer you the chance of owning 3 of the best varieties at unbelievable value. These are the result of an intensive breeding program. They are vigorous and free flowering and really very easy to cultivate.