Perfect for PollinatorsThe Eryngo Sea Holly 6 plant CollectionHumbel UmbelBuy Bergen CollectionBuy Cottage Garden Collection
Berried Treasure
Buy Cotoneaster 'Rothschildianus' Cotoneaster salicifolius 'Rothschildianus' Buy Sorbus olivacea Sorbus olivacea Buy Cotoneaster frigidus Cotoneaster frigidus
Buy Ferula communis Ferula communis - £5.99



Buy Fossil Tree Collection Fossil Tree Collection - 3 Dinosaurs! - £16.99
Buy Cotoneaster 'Gnom' Cotoneaster 'Gnom' Buy Cotoneaster vandelaarii Cotoneaster vandelaarii - £4.49 Buy Cotoneaster 'St. Andrews Blaze' Cotoneaster 'St. Andrews Blaze' is a new way to bring plants direct from us, the grower, to you, cutting out the middle man and offering you real choice.

Unlike a garden centre we not only sell varieties that look good in the pot at point of sale, but rather we bring you a selection of plants for all seasons, and colour for all spaces, large or small, so that you can really show off and have a garden that looks good not only in spring but throughout the year.

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